Geographic Information Systems

Summer I has started and I’m enrolled in GIS, Agent-based Modeling, an Independent Research Class and a Ph.D. Research Class.  Only 6 credit hours total, but mucho work.    The GIS is very interesting.  We are using ESRI Desktop GIS software, specifically ArcMap and ArcCatalog to do our GIS work.  I’m interested in GIS because of its ubiquitous nature.  Although it seems that GIS software at this point is mostly confined to the desktop, it won’t be long before we will be creating reports on the fly from our PDA or mobile phone.  How cool is that!  The Agent-based Modeling class will also be exciting.  I will write more regarding research soon.  I have started narrowing down my research interests and I’m starting to focus on Mark Weiser’s vision for ubiquitous computing.  More specifically Mattew Chalmers‘ ideas of “seamful” design.  I also enjoy Chalmers’ use of Heideggerian theory to examine the seams in ubiquitous computing.   Specifically the present-at-hand and ready-to-hand transformations occurring in the seams of ubiquitous computing.