Advanced Statistics – Psychology

I had my first exam in adv stats this week.  It was basic stats, methods I had as an undergraduate at ISU.  I had to take two statistics classes as a psych undergrad, while also producing and working on several research projects that involved using SPSS (1999 version) and computing results.   I thought it would be easy, like riding a bike.  Boy was I wrong!
I don’t remember much of anything from my previous statistics classes besides the very basics; the information that everyone knows such as mean, median and mode, or p values and t-tests.   Our professor is quite fun and engaging, but I’m just not picking it up as quickly as I feel I should be.   I feel I scored at least a high B on the test, but I’m not satisfied that I understand the underpinnings of statistical methods and why we use the tests we use during research.  That is my overall goal.  Anyone can memorize formulas and use a program on the computer, but not just anyone can tell you why they perfomed a one-way ANOVA in a research paper.